Glaze-Ease 601

Introducing Glaze-Ease 601 – Elastomeric Glazing Sealant by Advanced Repair Technology

Finally a product has been developed that allows for the glazing of windows with a high quality putty that can be painted in as little as 2 hours. No more waiting for weeks or months for old style glazing putties to cure long enough to paint and no more paint adhesion problems.

Introducing Glaze-Ease 601 by Advanced Repair Technology. Glaze-Ease 601 mildew resistant, rust inhibiting, paintable glazing compound.

Glaze-Ease 601 is specifically formulated for outstanding ease of use and long term durability.

Glaze-Ease 601 can effectively be used to bed glass in wood, plastic or metal window sash.

This unique compound is designed for easy tooling, paintable within 2 hours and cures to a durable-resilient compound.

After painting, Glaze-Ease 601 retains the look of traditional linseed-oil putty with advanced polymer durability.

Drawing showing the application of the Glaze-Ease 601 into glass rabbet.

Photo of Glaze-Ease 601 Applicator Tool being used on window Apply Glaze-Ease 601 with our handy Glaze-Ease 601 Applicator "Squeegee Tool". 

See applicator instructions.

How-to video for Glaze-Ease 601